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Facilites and Services

Every day we strive harder to deliver a great patient experience which is not just the treatment but also your overall experience at any of our facilities.

The Hospital is equipped with:

  • 35 Inpatient Beds
  • 24 Hrs. Laboratory
  • 24 Hrs. Pharmacy
  • 24 Hrs. Intensive Care Unit
  • 24 Hrs. Operation Theatre


  • Fetal Scan Services
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • Echocardiography
  • Ultrasound
  • Treadmill test

Fetal Scan Services

Senior Consultant Dr. Radhika Ramesh, trained by Mediscan and in the UK, has vast experience in specialised pregnancy scanning.

Services offered:

  • Early pregnancy viability scan
  • Nuchal translucency scan
  • Anomaly Scan
  • Growth Scan
  • Fetal Doppler
  • Cervical assessment
  • Twin pregnancy scan
  • 3D 4 D scans
  • Pelvic scans

Blood tests are also done for prenatal screening programs – first trimester combined screening, second trimester quadruple test etc.

Non invasive prenatal testing : Checking for cell free fetal DNA in the maternal circulation and Counselling for fetal anomalies.

Digital X-Ray

Ar Raju Hospital we are proud to offer digital X-ray imaging to the community which is an advanced technology that is far superior to the traditional setup. With a smaller dose of radiation that is used to create an image, information is not lost with more clarity. The digital image provides roughly twice as much detail as a traditional X-ray, in turn, giving the physician a far more accurate look at the area of concern. The image can also be improved through computer techniques that can zoom, edge, lighten or brighten which can all help with the diagnosis.


Rest assured that your health is always our pharmacists' top priority. We don't just fill prescriptions, but we help our patients achieving their health goals. Our staffs are highly trained pharmacists and technicians who deliver unmatched customer service and quality drugs while strictly following the state and national pharmacy standards. Quality and accuracy are values we refuse to compromise.


You can depend on our Laboratory for fast and precise information to assist your doctor in diagnosing your illness. Under the direction of certified pathologists, our highly skilled technicians work in tandem at a modern, computerized lab. We provide a whole range of services to inpatients and outpatients. Emergency services are available 24*7 a week.


An echocardiogram uses sound waves called ultrasound to look at the size, shape, and motion of the heart. It is a safe test that uses sound waves to get a detailed picture of the heart. This is done to

  • Define the cardiac anatomy
  • Look at any heart defects
  • Measure when possible the pulmonary artery pressures in children

The Echocardiography Lab at Raju Hospitals offers the most advanced diagnostic echo equipment and highly trained sonographer and doctors. Our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art ultrasound imaging utilizing all available modalities, including trans thoracic, trans, fetal, dobutamine and exercise stress studies, and vascular ultrasound.


An Ultrasound scan is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses a combination of sound waves and computer technology to see inside the body. It is used to study parts of the body such as the liver, testicles, uterus and other organs. In pregnancy, ultrasound can help determine fetal age and anatomical development. It also may be used to screen a fetus at risk for Down syndrome in the first trimester.

Ultrasound generally involves little or no discomfort as it is non-invasive. It does not use radiation and there are no known side effects. We provide an accurate diagnosis so you can get started on the right treatment plan for you.

Treadmill test

A treadmill exercise stress test is used to determine the effects of exercise on the heart. The exercise will allow doctors to detect abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias) and diagnose the presence or absence of coronary artery disease. A doctor or trained technician performs the test.

The test involves walking in place on a treadmill while monitoring the electrical activity of your heart. Throughout the test, the speed and incline of the treadmill increase. The results show how well your heart responds to the stress of different levels of exercise.

Health Check-up Programs

  • Master Health Checkup
  • Well Women Checkup
  • Cardiac Health Checkup
  • Diabetic Health Checkup

Our empanelment with TPAS

  • Bajaj Alliance General Insurance Co. Ltd
  • Dedicated Healthcare Services TPA (1) Pvt Ltd
  • Good Health TPA Pvt Ltd
  • HDFC Ergo General Insurance Co. Ltd
  • MD India Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt Ltd
  • Medi Assist India TPA Pvt Ltd
  • Raksha TPA Pvt Ltd
  • Reliance Health Insurance Pvt Ltd
  • Star Health General Insurance Co Ltd
  • United Healthcare Parekh TPA Pvt Ltd
  • VipulMedcorp TPA Pvt Ltd
  • Vidal Health Insurance TPA Pvt
  • Ltd E-meditek TPA Services Ltd
  • Govt retd, employees scheme
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